Eve Stockton

Nature and science provide the inspiration for my artwork. With a focus on large-scale woodcuts, my prints are evocative of landscapes, cellular activity and deeply felt environmentalism. Utilizing a multifaceted background in architecture and art, I engage the variables of printmaking to produce an ongoing body of nature-based, graphic images. Organic patterns combine with shifts of light and color in tapestries of abstracted form. Once a practicing architect, I am still inclined to record the structure and units of nature while striving for a painterly approach to printmaking.

My prints usually have 3-5 layers of color, a different carved block for each layer. Sometimes watercolor or a tea-soak is combined with the print imagery. Because of the size and weight of the woodblocks, every aspect of carving and printing at this scale is physically demanding. I could not make these prints without the help of master-printer, Susan Goldman of Lily Press, Rockville, MD.

The standard 3’x3’ format allows me the flexibility to occasionally use the prints modularly as in Ensemble: Clouds & Zumscapes. Moreover, prints can be presented in multiples as in the diptych presentations of Podscape III.

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