Elizabeth Rubidge

“I discovered felting about 9 years ago just by chance when having coffee with a friend.
“It was her birthday and her mother sent her a present from Germany where she grew up. When she opened the package, my eyes flew opened. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew right there, what I could do with it.
” My background has been in design and fashion. I’m a serial crafter that would embrace anything done by hand. This lead me into a very successful career as a children’s clothing designer for many top firms in the US but at the time I saw this package, I was a stay at home mom looking for something creative to do (other than redecorating).
“My friend said that my face changed. I ran home and ‘Googled’ ‘felted scarves’ and ‘felt artists’. I went through every website there was but no one was doing pattering or dimentional flowers. And so it began….
” Using wool and water, I started to create roses and leaves that popped off the scarves. After drying 20 or more pieces all over my dining room, my husband asked what was I going to do with all of those scarves???:

The Felted Garden was created.


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