Arden Bardol

“I usually describe my work as rich in complexity and simple in form. I focus on thoughtful craftsmanship and pay attention to the detail on every side of a composition, embracing the notion of edges, yet excluding the idea of front or back. All sides are created equal.”

Bardol works with custom-blended polymer clay. She mixes the clay with metal powders and a variety of other materials to produce unique colors. She sometimes rolls textures onto the clay or uses a cut-away process to add depth to the clay. Then, each tile is formed into a bead. Once the beads are formed, she adds additional texture and detail. Then, the beads are cured and fired at a low temperature.

Bardol received her professional training at Carnegie Mellon University, earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Upon graduating, she worked in architecture and interior design. Bardol studied ceramics at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts where she pushed the limits of the clay and learned new firing and glazing techniques. During her many travels, she was exposed to the vast cultural influences of each place, which she now uses as inspiration in her art.

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