Zemma Mastin White

After exploring many different mediums in my art, I have devoted the last several years to making one of a kind prints. In producing a monoprint I combine a matrix of printmaking processes, such as collograph, monotype, solar plate etching and chine colle. I am fascinated with layering multiple images to create an abstract expression. Through these provocative layers of line, color and forms, intriguing patterns and textures emerge yielding great richness and depth to the surface. 

Eve Stockton

Nature and science provide the inspiration for my artwork. With a focus on large-scale woodcuts, my prints are evocative of landscapes, cellular activity and deeply felt environmentalism. Utilizing a multifaceted background in architecture and art, I engage the variables of printmaking to produce an ongoing body of nature-based, graphic images. Organic patterns combine with shifts of light and color in tapestries of abstracted form. Once a practicing architect, I am still inclined to record the structure and units of nature while striving for a painterly approach to printmaking.

My prints usually have 3-5 layers of color, a different carved block for each layer. Sometimes watercolor or a tea-soak is combined with the print imagery. Because of the size and weight of the woodblocks, every aspect of carving and printing at this scale is physically demanding. I could not make these prints without the help of master-printer, Susan Goldman of Lily Press, Rockville, MD.

The standard 3’x3’ format allows me the flexibility to occasionally use the prints modularly as in Ensemble: Clouds & Zumscapes. Moreover, prints can be presented in multiples as in the diptych presentations of Podscape III.

Deborah Weiss

The exchange between terrain, climate, temperature and the elements is constant and transforming by the moment. My work is an exploration of the effects of atmospheric conditions on land, water and the resulting patina of time. These elements inform the work and at times determines the subject matter. There is an excavation and layering process that both conceals and reveals visual information, each layer informing the next. Delicate surface markings and textures from salvaged boards record this process. Subject matter is not predetermined, it is intuitive and emerges as the work evolves.

Born in New York, Deborah Weiss is a painter and printmaker whose work fuses the painterly with relief printmaking techniques. She has exhibited throughout the United States as well as in England, Ireland, Italy, China and Denmark. Her work is included in both private and public collections as well as numerous publications and books. She maintains a studio and residence in Connecticut.

Announcing…..a new place to experience fine craft in Chestertown!

Ready for a fresh, new way to enjoy fine craft?  Five nationally-known artists are coming together create a gallery experience like no other in downtown Chestertown, MD.   Rob Glebe (metal), Patti and Dave Hegland (glass), Robert Ortiz (wood) Marilee Schumann (ceramics) and Faith Wilson (fiber) have formed a modern-day ‘guild’ of master craftsmen and women, called CREATE.

Opening in April 2016, CREATE will also feature guest artists and designers from around the country. Together, this unique group will offer art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike the opportunity to interact personally with the artists, participate in workshops and seminars, and engage in the creative process in an intimate setting.

From Chestertown, these artists exhibit at premier fine craft shows including the American Craft Council in Baltimore. At the urging of Carla Massoni, owner of MassoniArt of Chestertown, a month-long ‘pop-up’ gallery in 2015 forged the permanent partnership that is soon to be the experiential gallery, CREATE.

“These are artists who live and work on the Eastern Shore, where the beauty of the land and our community influences them, said Massoni. “Rather than competing, the artists’ style and approaches complement one another, elevating the art to another level. Come join us at CREATE and see for yourself.”

CREATE gallery will be located at 113 South Cross Street in Chestertown.  Check at http://createartcraftdesign.com/ for updates on the opening and events.

For more information, contact Carla Massoni at info@massoniart.com.