Karin Abromaitis

“Every time I sit down to throw I feel like I’m being initiated anew into the world of magic. There is something about the way clay rises between my hands while I throw that I can only describe as magical. Is there any better reason to pursue an art form?


“I found that making pottery was my “missing piece” after twenty years in a successful career in the performing arts.  The quiet inner focus and solitude provide the balance in my life to the high level of outward energy that Theater and performance requires.  On those days when the clay flows and the theater buzzes with energy I think to myself that life doesn’t get better than this.  I am truly blessed.

“I have been working in clay since 1995.  I started with a pottery class in the Montgomery County Adult Education program when, after a long illness, I desperately wanted a creative outlet that I could pursue while sitting down.  That experience began an intense passion for working with clay that has remained sustaining and constant.”

_Karen Abromaitis


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