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Our Partners

“These are artists who live and work on the Eastern Shore, where the beauty of the land and our community influences them. Rather than competing, the artists’ style and approaches complement one another, elevating the art to another level. Come join us at CREATE and see for yourself.”

Carla Massoni


Bob Ortiz

Robert Ortiz Studios

Marilee Schumann

Marilee Schumann Art

Faith Wilson

Faith Wilson Art

Guest Artists
The Create gallery is designed to make fine art and craft a more personal experience for the visitor. Its goal is to promote a deeper understanding of the creative process through direct interactions with the artists it represents. “Chestertown provides a quiet, peaceful lifestyle that is conductive to contemplative, intensive art and craft work,” notes Faith Wilson, one of the partner artists. We are thrilled to be able to bring this to life in our new Create gallery.” Create is the home for a variety of existing work while presenting the opportunity to work directly with the artists to create personal or commercial custom pieces.

Deborah Weiss

The exchange between terrain, climate, temperature and the elements is constant and transforming by the moment. My work is an exploration of the effects of atmospheric conditions on land, water and the resulting patina of time. These elements inform the work and at times determines the subject matter. There is an excavation and layering process […]


Eve Stockton

Nature and science provide the inspiration for my artwork. With a focus on large-scale woodcuts, my prints are evocative of landscapes, cellular activity and deeply felt environmentalism. Utilizing a multifaceted background in architecture and art, I engage the variables of printmaking to produce an ongoing body of nature-based, graphic images. Organic patterns combine with shifts […]


Zemma Mastin White

After exploring many different mediums in my art, I have devoted the last several years to making one of a kind prints. In producing a monoprint I combine a matrix of printmaking processes, such as collograph, monotype, solar plate etching and chine colle. I am fascinated with layering multiple images to create an abstract expression. Through these provocative layers of line, color and forms, […]


Thomas Hoadley

My current ceramic work reflects an investigation into several areas of interest and an attempt to unify solutions to various visual problems. One interest is in the vessel as an abstract sculptural form and its many associations, both literal and metaphoric. Another is pattern and color and how a collection of abstract elements can create […]


Emily Squires Levine

As the middle of three daughters growing up in New England, I inherited the right brain skills of my mother and grandmother.  While my sisters were playing outside, I was knotting macrame and making yarn dolls.  As I pursued an MBA and a 30-year career in finance, sewing with colorful fabrics or testing a new […]


Estelle Vernon

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Estelle has been handcrafting jewelry for over 25 years. Her jewelry designs are influenced by both the visual and the tactile. Whether it’s the leaves on trees, the roughness of tree bark, or the intricacies of Japanese textile design, she distills these images into her jewelry with an elegant simplicity. Estelle’s […]



Eric studied architecture and worked as an architect for several years before discovering glassmaking. He studied with Curtiss Brock at the Appalachian Center for Crafts and Frantisek Janak at SUPSS in the Czech Republic. Tomo studied glass at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan, and then went to the Czech Republic for advanced training in […]

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